Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) incorporates management  concepts & reality-based skills integrating them with the  latest changes in the business environment. The programme  concentrates on specialized areas such as accounting,  finance, human resource management, or marketing. It  also builds a foundation in allied areas such as language,  economics, statistics, and law that help students to  understand management practices & market needs. Because  of the entrepreneurial skills & functional expertise nurtured,  graduates eventually become effective agents of change in  society.

Key Learning Outcomes

● Get conceptual knowledge and nurture adaptive business and  generic skills to meet the needs of a fast-changing globalized  market

● Acquire essential knowledge and skills or attitudes in relation  to business, industry, and governance so as to promote  professionalism

● Gain insight and understanding of business & administration to  develop a general perspective for holistic management

● Develop required attitudes, abilities and practical skills vital  for becoming competent, responsible business managers

● Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in order to produce  effective agents of change in Nepalese society and generate  employment

Career Prospects

The BBS develops students into competent  managers for any sector of organized activity.  The programme is based on the principles that  graduates will spend a major portion of their  life in a constantly changing environment.  Therefore the student should have an  opportunity to obtain a broad knowledge of the  concepts and reality-based skills underlying the  operation and management of organizations.

A popular degree, the BBS is considered as a  course with good job prospects. The degree  strengthens students’ fundamentals for higher  studies and provides the knowledge to work in  the commerce field and also in areas related to  corporate affairs such as PR, HR, or marketing.

Importantly, the degree offers opportunities for  specialization and encourages entrepreneurial  development. There are chances for diverse  careers.

Careers by Area

● Banking & Insurance – Entry-level positions in banks, finance, and insurance companies

● Manufacturing & Service Industries – Marketing, finance, operations & human resources managers

● Entrepreneurship – Self-entrepreneurship with the acquired enthusiasm and learning

● Government, NGOs & INGOs – Administrative positions in various capacities in different organizations

● Stock Market – Brokers, investors, or portfolio managers

● Sales & Marketing – Advertisement or sales managers & management trainees

● Accounting – Finance managers, accountants & auditors

● Human Resources – Jobs related to hiring, placements, and performance evaluation & appraisals Course Structure

Course Structure

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