+2 (HS)


KIST - Kathmandu   Institute of Science & Technology offers

Outstanding HS +2 programmes in Science and Management. In particular, the College provides exceptional +2 teaching alongside all-round educational and other opportunities to its bright and talented students.


HS +2 Programmes

The HS Higher Secondary Education Board, Nepal - system offers an in-depth study of key subjects to meet and further the objectives of high school education in the country. Specifically, the HS +2 programme  is the standard path to further studies for post-SEE/equivalent level students. This academic programme builds a thorough educational base for higher studies leading to careers in engineering, health & medical science, or management. Significantly, renowned colleges and universities abroad mostly accept the +2 qualification.


Subject-Group Combinations

Our +2 programmes have distinct subject-group  combinations for Science and Management. Students have choices within these combinations.

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