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Tutorial System

KIST’s well-designed tutorial system truly improves the academic performance of our students over the year. This is a unique scholastic opportunity at the College for students to get individual attention and indispensable support to learn better.


a) Regular Tutorials

The College provides regular tutorials during college hours as an integral part of its formal teaching plan consisting of lectures, tutorials and practicals. Interactive, task-based, and specific, our tutorial classes address the possible lack of full understanding and looked-for clarity of students in certain subjects or particular topic-areas. KIST tutors impart study and exam tips and also give revision follow-ups.


b) Additional Tutorials

KIST specially organizes extra tutorials on Saturdays, during the week, and over the vacations throughout the academic session. These intensive tutorial classes are arranged on the basis of an attending student’s academic level or proficiency, need, or request. We emphasize small-sized classes that provide individual care and precise guidance.


Preparation Courses

Our distinctive synergistic teaching-learning approach has made KIST preparation courses vital for students. They give an extra edge to our students for succeeding in both their regular course-based and competitive examinations.


a) Competitive Preparation

KIST’s competitive preparation classes for medical, engineering and management entrance tests are held throughout the year. They prepare our students during their yearlong studies for doing well simultaneously in Board exams and later in key entrance tests essential for their higher studies. Such thorough coaching also largely assists them to obtain scholarships after +2.


b) Refresher Classes

The College provides refresher classes after completing the main course. These inputs encapsulate a quick penetrating review of the entire course and provide a solid tutoring session for subsequent HSEB Board Examinations. Such classes give KIST students a superb chance to consult subject teachers about hard topics or difficult questions and to clear their doubts.


Counseling Services

KIST offers essential counseling services that are available to its students at all times. We recognize the importance of supporting the positive growth of each individual studying here. The College concentrates upon areas relevant to their ongoing academics, future study or career plans, and personal or social needs and wants.


a) Academic & Personal

KIST academic counseling for our students is based on their subject-wise performance. This counseling facilitates the acquisition of study skills and habits along with time management techniques that together help in eradicating their weak spots. Additionally, personal counseling at the College aims at maintaining the highest standards of conduct and discipline to prepare each student for an exemplary college life.



b) Higher Studies & Careers

The College counselors advise students about choosing the right courses and suitable colleges or universities for higher studies. KIST counseling also extends to institutional search and applying for placements or scholarships. We suggest educational and career choices based on available opportunities globally carefully considering students’ preferences.  
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