Master of Business Studies (MBS) is an interdisciplinary admixture comprising accounting, marketing, finance, and general management that helps to meet the market demand for high level managers in varied organizations, particularly those in functional areas. The programme enables postgraduates to work as competent managers in all business, industry, government and non government sectors, here or abroad. Deep knowledge of the local or global business & economic environment and the development of entrepreneurial capabilities professionalize our students. They get transformed into agents of effective change in society.


Key Learning Outcomes

·         Implant required conceptual knowledge of business & management to enable handling these sectors proficiently in various capacities

·         Infuse managerial skills for functional areas of management for proving themselves as efficient managers in different organizations

·         Develop knowledge of business environments nationally or globally for fitting into a variety of operational roles in the country or abroad

·         Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities for affecting social change and empowering themselves to be self employed as well as become employers

·         Develop research capabilities in addition to requisite innovativeness for furthering professionalism and social goals


Career Prospects

Master of Business Studies (MBS) provides broad and deep knowledge of the business and economic sectors alongside a sense of business ethics. It provides fundamentally important professional inputs covering functional areas of management like accounting, financing, marketing, general management, & human resources during an action packed academic period.


The programme also develops vitally needed entrepreneurial capabilities. After doing MBS, postgraduates can choose to be self employed as well as create job opportunities themselves for others by setting up and running their own business ventures.   


Because of all the professionally valuable features of the MBS, postgraduates have a wide range of career & job opportunities in business, industry, government and non government sectors. This ensures that they work as agents of change in whichever society they wish to work or live.


Careers by Area

·         Government, Public Sector, INGOs or NGOs  Positions in Government Service or Government related spheres or the Public or Private sectors

·         Manufacturing & Service Industries   Functional Managers, HR Managers, Management Consultants, or Hospital Managers

·         Small Businesses   Entrepreneurs running their own business ventures or Self employed creating useful employment opportunities                       

·         Accounting Sector   Assistant Accountants, Accountants, Head Accountants, Finance Managers, Auditors, and Finance Directors

·         Securities Market   Brokers, Investors, Portfolio Managers, and Market Consultants

·         Banking & Insurance   Assistants, Functional Managers, Branch Managers, and CEOs

·         Tourism Industry   Hospitality Managers, Personnel Managers, and HR managers

·         Sales & Marketing   Advertisement or Sales Managers and Management Trainees


Course Structure

First Semester

Course Code



MGT 513

MGT 519

ECO 512

MKT 511

MSC 514

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Managerial Communication

Managerial Economics

Marketing Management

Statistical Methods







Second Semester

ACC 517

FIN 510

MGT 515

MGT 518

MSC 516  

Management Accounting

Financial Management

Organizational Behavior

Business Environment in Nepal

Operations Research







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