Quality Education
Excellent Faculty

Our dedicated and experienced faculty delivers excellent teaching-learning. Tutors supervise academic performance, interact with students, and give needed guidance. In order to maintain and upgrade its benchmarks, KIST supports ongoing professional development and training of its teachers.


Effective Methodology

KIST teaching methodology is unique. Teachers use flexible, multiple learning styles to help students increase understanding and remember information. Our pedagogic methods integrate technology that fosters a desire to learn and helps students to acquire critical thinking skills.


Systematic Assignments

We give students regular homework co-related to methodical classwork and complete course coverage. Systematic vacation homework and ample preparatory work for Board Examinations are mandatory. KIST Student Planners help in a planned and output-oriented approach to student academic effort.


Close Monitoring
Our proficient faculty watchfully monitors academic progress. Teachers impart both group and personalized instruction of the highest quality. KIST insists on meticulous checking of lesson assignments, daily or special homework, and collegiate attendance – both punctuality and regularity.


Regular Exams
KIST’s academic life is power-driven by tests and examinations. We take regular class tests, Term and Pre-Board exams. The examination system of the College is well structured and surely enhances the competitive success of our students. 


Continuous Assessment
Our term-wise evaluation is based on student performance in Term examinations and additional assessment of class tests, assignments, and attendance. We also evaluate students appropriately with reference to their co-curricular and extracurricular activities. KIST teachers give performance feedback that is the basis of vital academic support.


Sufficient Practicals

The College arranges sufficient practicals to meet syllabi standards and students’ hands-on learning needs. These lab classes and experimentation greatly help students to become familiar with science, technology, and management in real or applied situations. KIST instructors and technical staff provide close support to students so as to transform their theoretical learning into handy concrete know-how.
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