Message from our Principal

Dear Students,


It gives us great delight to welcome you to KIST, top college in Nepal.


The College has a perfect teaching-learning environment where our faculty focuses on course content, instills subject knowledge, and develops conceptual understanding. Individualized instruction fosters study and problem-solving skills leading to academic excellence.


We transform our students into confident learners and assured achievers with a passion for professional competence, lifelong learning, and personal growth. Choosing where to study after high school is a major decision. If you wish to do well in life, KIST is a choice you will treasure!


Our accomplished graduates invariably leave this institution fully prepared for higher studies. KIST alumni normally get top placements, scholarships, or jobs, and successfully play leading roles in whichever walk of life they choose as dynamic global citizens.


Exciting times are certainly ahead of all of us! And I hope you too decide to be part of the continuing, unstoppable success of this leading institution . . .


Best regards,


Dr. Dambar Singh Air