JavaScript - A Modern Necessity

With the modernization and quick advancement of technology. We were exposed to the most recent technological advancements in AI and were treated to a one-of-a-kind website design. Microsoft office suite is currently being replaced with the Google office suite experience. As technology advances, so do the programming languages that enable this paradigm. Javascript was one of the old programming languages launched with the web, along with HTML, CSS, and PHP. Javascript, like many of us in the programming industry, had a humble beginning. It began as a language to help front-end design and make web pages more dynamic and has progressed to the point where it can manage system-to-system calls in addition to handling the backend server.


Brendan Eich invented JavaScript in 1995. In terms of history, JavaScript was initially utilized as a programming language for the front end of the web. It was used to enhance the UI part of web development by adding interaction and interactivity. Following that, the Google Chrome team improved JavaScript to handle the back end as well by developing a V8 engine, which was capable of complying with Javascript in machine language. With the release of this new engine, JavaScript was able to conduct backend compilation and database interaction correctly. Node js was created to manage the process of executing JavaScript as a backend programming language with the new capability. JavaScript has created an ecosystem in the present technological world that can handle everything from browsers to desktops to mobile apps. One advantage of utilizing JavaScript is that programmers may concentrate on solving business challenges rather than learning many programming languages in order to build an effective solution.

Types of Javascript

JavaScript has progressed over the years from simply being able to utilize and interact with online applications to constructing a completely working system from the front end to the back end. So, allow me to expose you to some of the JavaScript apps and frameworks that are popular in today's world and technology. Let's start with the new and enhanced JavaScript known as ES6, and in the front-end scope, we'll utilize React-js, Vue-js, and Angular-js. We utilize node JS and express js at the back end. When it comes to JavaScript frameworks, the most popular right now is the next JS, which is developed on top of react js. In addition, nest JS is developed on top of express js. We now understand a fundamental form of JS that is currently available in the world. However, the issue of why there are so many JavaScript applications on the market emerges. Another question is what the varied uses of various types of JS are.

The most fundamental of JS, are react-js from the front-end and node as the backend. It is because they require the bare minimum of libraries to execute the application. They are highly lightweight programs that may be tailored to the needs of the user and the organization. The following JS, Vue JS, is a minimal Js library containing framework capabilities. The benefit of utilizing Vue js is that we can leverage multiple framework modules to simplify the process of constructing fronted apps, as well as tweak the JS to our liking. We also have express js in the back of the sphere, which has the same capabilities as Vue JS. Express js also features framework-like capabilities and customizability, making the application more appealing to programmers. From a framework standpoint, angular js provides a comprehensive front-end framework for JavaScript, making programming and scripting faster and easier. With the whole JavaScript framework, we have Next JS and nest JS, which enable programmers with both front-end and back-end capabilities. We also offer Gatsby-js, which is used to create a static website for bloggers or writers that want regular updates but do not require a database to keep value.

Frontend Framework

Backend Framework

Because of the popularity of JavaScript, it was also implemented in mobile applications via the react js integration known as react native js. Developers were able to create a single program language ecosystem from mobile to web page using this. This aided small firms and freelance developers who could use their JavaScript skills to market their enterprises in many elements of development. This provided programmers with an excellent opportunity to apply their skills to tackle numerous business challenges in many elements of the application. It also includes a lot of unit and integration testing for the codebase, ensuring that your code is constantly in functioning order and robust in nature, by utilizing libraries like Jest, Mocha, and storybook, to mention a few. This allows folks who do not wish to be developers to pursue a career as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

Mobile Development Framework

Testing Framework

Although we are familiar with different JavaScript apps, there must be a downside to utilizing JS that makes programmers and developers dislike it. One of the most serious issues with JavaScript is its feature that allows any variable to be of any type. To avoid this use case of JavaScript that developers despise, JavaScript offers a type known as TypeScript, which allows us to make variables have a static data type that does not change depending on the value supplied to them, exactly as in C++ or any other object-oriented programming language. JavaScript is even better for programmers that require JavaScript to be a very strictly typed language with the arrival of TypeScript in the Javascript sector. This allows programmers to have debuggers and issues identified before runtime. This was a major problem for JavaScript developers who utilized it as a backend programming language.

Current Scope of Javascript

We now understand that JavaScript has a wide range of applications that may be used, as well as how JavaScript as a whole is evolving as an ecosystem that provides single programming solutions for a variety of different areas of development. However, what is the present market scope of JavaScript developers? Because of its widespread application in multiple sectors of development, including web development and mobile development, knowing JavaScript will guarantee you work chances everywhere you go. Even if you dislike writing backend code, JavaScript is the only programming language that delivers an interactive and efficient UI experience. As a new programmer, studying JavaScript will allow you to put your knowledge and interests in the field of software development to the test, from the back end to the front end to mobile development. Knowing JavaScript means you can work as a full-stack developer. If we look at the current market pricing for various JavaScript developers, you may start somewhere between Rs.25,000 and Rs.60,000. 

What distinguishes JavaScript from other programming languages? As previously said, one of the benefits of JavaScript is the ability to construct a comprehensive application from the back end to the database, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise and originality to a possible customer. Simple game portfolios or interactive portfolios have been established by certain portfolios across the world. Furthermore, because of its short learning curve, you can essentially accomplish much of the theoretical knowledge yourself. JavaScript may also be a language that exposes you to another programming language. In the present Nepalese sector, if you want to work for a customer abroad, you are likely to utilize JavaScript for development. With this in mind, many of the vacant positions in the Nepalese market are connected to JavaScript or full stack. Another advantage of JavaScript is the usage of RESTful API, which is used and exploited by many of the websites available on the internet. Although API may be used in any other programming language, JavaScript is designed to make API usage as simple as possible. Another advantage of JavaScript is its enormous community, which assists you in resolving any JavaScript difficulties you may encounter, as well as various course and instructional videos for JavaScript, which allow you fast become an industry-standard developer with portfolio application to do so. Because JavaScript is the sole feasible alternative for front-end programming, its market penetration will grow over time. 

Also, given the current advancement in JavaScript processing through the browser. Performance and online speed improvements are occurring at an alarming rate. As a result, JavaScript developer positions are constantly available and show no signs of disappearing anytime soon. To have a solid footing in the market right now, it is recommended that you study typescript in addition to JavaScript. Because TypeScript supports variable type casting, the learning curve for TypeScript is also quite short. To be project-ready right now, you simply need to learn JavaScript for at most two weeks. Another feature of JavaScript is the vast library it has. As a result, there are several open-source projects to which you may contribute to assist in strengthening your programming language critical thinking as well as problem-solving abilities. This contribution to open-source projects can help you build more contacts and earn a living. As a result, there are several ways to earn money as a JavaScript developer.

Future in Javascript

We now understand the present state of JavaScript in the industry. You could think that the future of JavaScript holds much more than the existing technology. In recent JavaScript news, we learned of a new JavaScript processing package that boosts JavaScript speed by up to five times. This JavaScript may be used to create a large application that demands high performance and efficiency. JavaScript is being developed and enhanced at a rate not seen in any other programming language because of its popularity in the programming world. JavaScript, the library, and its framework will be updated in the following days, with new capabilities to facilitate faster application development. JavaScript has been sold for a long time due to its flat learning curve and ability to adapt the same knowledge to multiple development domains. Even as we speak, JavaScript is being developed to handle a large payload that can withstand any stress you throw at it.

Previously, TypeScript removed some of JavaScript's drawbacks, and now a new processing library on the market is fixing its performance drawbacks. Furthermore, Microsoft owns typescript and NPM, and their development will continue to increase over time. Another characteristic of JavaScript is its extensive library, which is not present in any other programming language.


To summarize, JavaScript remains the most popular and widely used language in web development. Because of its enormous library, community support, fast learning curve, multiple frameworks and libraries, and ongoing programming language development. JavaScript has provided many developers with jobs and has aided in the creation of a complete software development environment utilizing a single programming language. It has aided developers in developing apps that meet their needs and budget. Furthermore, because of its vast community support, any JavaScript-related problem may be readily resolved with a single Google search. Given its large library collection, there are several open source projects available on the internet to which you may contribute, which may assist the future client to notice your activeness in the development circle as well as create contacts with various developers. Because of its prevalence, no developer hasn't heard of JavaScript, which can help you start a conversation. Because of its versatility in deployment, there are constant openings for JavaScript developers. You may also test your theoretical knowledge and observe its practical application because you can use one programming language for everything. This might help you gain confidence as a developer while also creating apps that can be used to demonstrate to a potential client.



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Mr Maharjan is a KIST BIT alumnus, and is currently a Software Engineer at Leapfrog Technology, Inc.





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