Our dedicated and experienced faculty delivers excellent teaching-learning. Tutors supervise academic performance, interact with students, and give needed guidance. In order to maintain and upgrade its benchmarks, KIST supports ongoing professional development and training of its teachers. Academic Excellence KIST believes in a culture of excellence promoting outstanding academic achievement. The College strives for continuous scholastic improvement by narrowing the gap between aims and attainments. Our well-managed and peaceful campus environment is most favourable to real learning and keeps our students fully focused on their studies.

Positive Discipline

Our Code of Conduct instills a high level of positive discipline in our students. The College builds up a keen sense of task completion and time management among students. The work, discipline, and conduct of KIST students reap rich rewards and endear them to society.

Enriching Events

The College celebrates its campus life through annual events that unite and energize its students and alumni. Welcome and Orientation programmes, Award and Graduation ceremonies, and the Career Guidance Symposium add depth and texture to the KIST experience. Students make lasting friendships and enrich their thinking.

Parental Participation

We hold that parental supervision is necessary to foster educational development and student success. Close cooperation  between the College and parents or guardians – meetings or consultations – brings about ideational harmony and behavioral  consistency. So, families themselves become educators through the milieu they provide at home.

Alumni Engagement

The College extends opportunities for continued engagement to its esteemed alumni in Nepal and elsewhere. The alma mater  believes in building up a web of mutually beneficial relationships and a free exchange of ideas or information. All this greatly  profits all our students and the institution itself.

Motivating Awards

KIST Merit Scholarships motivate students to excel in their performance in the Term and Board Examinations. The College  also awards talent-based scholarships in fields beyond academics and need-based scholarships to help deserving  disadvantaged students. Our awards stimulate the overall academic milieu of the institution and nurture higher overall  achievement.

Interactive Platform

KIST’s community of teachers and students discusses subject matters, projects, and activities across a wide network of  relationships. The College also maintains close relationships with national & international universities and related bodies for stimulating intellectual enquiry. Representatives from various institutions provide useful information about educational and career prospects or career-related issues.



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