Master of Information Technology (MIT)



Master of Information Technology (MIT) is an advanced degree: coursework which focuses on the amalgamation of Information Technology and opportunities, enabling information systems’ professionals to understand technological issues as well as integration fundamentals of IT.

The program aims to enhance graduates’ IT skills in order to solve real world problems, to make graduates more effective in their jobs and in the IT marketplace, and to provide state-of-the-art IT training for professionals. It focuses on advanced aspects of database management, information system management, software engineering, cloud concepts, intelligent systems, system-&-network administration, big data, and the latest trends & ongoing changes in the field of IT.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Design advanced database architecture and ensure the database security mechanisms integrate with modern information systems
  • Implement concepts of distributed systems and real-time systems in real time or specified timing
  • Design and develop Object Oriented Software and highly scalable systems from an industrial perspective
  • Acquire expertise to analyze MIS management responsibilities including planning, budgeting, project management, and personnel management
  • Resolve security-related issues and improve overall capabilities of information security management systems
  • Design and implement advance network technology with impeccable security while maintaining topmost industrial standards

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