Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)


Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) incorporates management concepts & reality-based skills integrating them with the latest changes in the business environment. The programme concentrates on specialized areas such as accounting, finance, human resource management, or marketing. It also builds a foundation in allied areas such as language, economics, statistics, and law that help students to understand management practices & market needs. Because of the entrepreneurial skills & functional expertise nurtured, graduates eventually become effective agents of change in society.

Coordinator's View

Dear Students

We warmly welcome you to KIST College of Management, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu!

BBS graduates develop leadership qualities to become effective managers in today’s complicated, interdisciplinary knowledge economy. In particular, our course develops students into ethical professionals, who are effective team leaders, with deep knowledge of their subject matter and career requirements. They learn to establish key projects within deadlines in a global business climate that insists upon accuracy and speed.


Best regards,

Chintamani Rijal

Coordinator, BBS

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Get conceptual knowledge and nurture adaptive business and generic skills to meet the needs of a fast-changing globalized market
  • Acquire essential knowledge and skills or attitudes in relation to business, industry, and governance so as to promote professionalism
  • Gain insight and understanding of business & administration to develop a general perspective for holistic management
  • Develop required attitudes, abilities and practical skills vital for becoming competent, responsible business managers
  • Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in order to produce effective agents of change in Nepalese society and generate employment

Infrastructure & Campus

College Buildings

KIST has purposeful spacious academic buildings with abundant amenities. The construction is structurally sound and made with a view to run this educational institution effectively. There is enough space for wide-ranging activities and large classrooms for flexible learning environments. The College also has a big library, seminar halls, faculty and administrative offices for plentiful study opportunities or requirements.

The Premises

The College grounds are fairly large and contain sports facilities like basketball, badminton, and table tennis. They are used for multifarious college events or other important outdoor purposes. Our premises are wide, open, clean and fresh with adequate greenery.

Ideal Location

KIST is ideally located in a serene and lush spot near the refreshing Kamalpokhari pond in central Kathmandu making it easily accessible. We offer an ideally located, model campus with modern classrooms and quiet study areas to all our current or prospective students.

Safe Atmosphere

The setting of KIST is safe and peaceful in every way. The physical infrastructure has been assembled strictly according to governmental guidelines keeping in view, among other technicalities, seismic hazards. All our constructions housing numerous facilities are well maintained and regularly inspected by engineers for functionality and wellbeing. As a result, our environment is most conducive to all activities concerning the academic accomplishment and overall development of students.


The College has state-of-the-art computer & IT laboratories fully equipped according to the norms & standards of the Universities to which its courses bear affiliation. It has basic computer labs along with a digital logic lab and network lab.

Extra Edge

Excellent Faculty

Our dedicated, experienced faculty delivers excellent teachinglearning, supervises academic performance, and guides accordingly.

Effective Methodology

We integrate technology and multiple learning to help students understand and remember better as they acquire critical thinking skills.

Systematic Assignments

Students are given regular homework and vacation assignments co-related to methodical class work for thorough course coverage.

Close Monitoring

Teachers watchfully monitor academic progress and tutors impart both group and personalized instruction of the highest quality.

Continuous Assessment

Academic life here is power-driven by regular class, Term, and Pre-Board tests and examinations enhancing competitive success.

Ample Practicals

The College arranges sufficient practicals under expert supervision to meet syllabi standards and students’ hands-on learning needs.


This is truly a twenty-first century college in that it emphasizes online classes and e-technology for keeping its students fully updated.

Regularity & Punctuality

We insist upon regularity of student presence and output while full attendance, a common KIST feature, is suitable rewarded.

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