Life at KIST


Educational Approach

Our approach largely nurtures a rigorous yet engaging curriculum, inquiry-based teaching processes, and an institutional culture that inculcates compassion & responsibility in students as they grow into good citizens & top professionals. Such a purpose-oriented, integrated set-up greatly helps its functioning as a premier scholastic institution dedicated to its students as they march towards rewarding careers & lives that matter. We support the provision of high-quality education of the latest international standards carefully linked to the delivery of the university or national core curricula and to provide progressive academic inputs in keeping with a changing world alongside traditional pedagogy. KIST offers a matchless learning environment focused on students' learning goals.

Societal Context

In a societal sense, our learning environment caters to the culture of the population it serves and of their location, and we take care to identify our audience. As far as this cultural context goes, we are a multicultural community of students and educationrelated personnel. Our students come from many different cultures, and even countries. This inclusiveness reflects our global spirit & humanistic commitment. We see to it that no student feels uncomfortable or unwanted here with us and that each one of them is treated with dignity, appropriateness, and decorum. Ladies and gentlemen study together in a community of the best-behaved youngsters our country offers. This is what we do; this is what we are.

Learning Environment

Once you’re at KIST you’d soon realize that its educational approach is exceptional. We provide a 21st century learning environment – learner-centred backed by modern digital technology that is largely internet-based. It’s the foundation for holistic individual development. Our learning culture takes into account how students would prefer to interact and how teachers ought to facilitate learning. Positive discipline & pastoral care in an atmosphere of decency enrich the academic milieu that encourages active learning.


Our pedagogy & learning styles incorporate blended learning & progressive education. They guide the operational characteristics of the instructors who do their best for the optimization of individual academic performance & development of top-class professionals here itself. Alongside wideranging co-curricular and extracurricular activities, we offer many vital professionally-relevant and futuristic activities enhancing the professional or career prospects of the student community. The educational and organizational culture of the College is evident in its way of thinking, behaving, or working. Our practices and values guide, and unite, our educators, students, faculty, staff, and community. We support an excellent independent learning institution with a departmental organizational model that attracts high-calibre teachers. We offer safe, secure, and comfortable facilities to reinforce learning.

Physical Setting & Learning Spaces

Our soundly constructed purpose-oriented buildings &learning spaces play a strong role in effectively impacting student learning. The adjacent spaces, or the outdoor environment, of the College are superb. We overlook the picturesque Kamal Pokhari and can enjoy its fresh, refreshing breeze. This aspect potentially improves health & well-being and fosters improvements in learning retention. Also, distant views of nature – the panorama of hills encircling Kathmandu – help relax eyes engaged in close work, such as on computer monitors. Though located downtown, KIST is undisturbed by the city hustle and bustle & heavy traffic. Our well-organized infrastructure contains well-lit, ventilated, quiet classrooms and well-equipped laboratories that are reinforced by a wellstocked library that has also been digitalized and now performs quite a few functions of an e-library so necessary for virtual learning. There are sports courts and ample, uncluttered areas for students to utilize for academics, CCAs, and ECAs, and for the College to use for its varied, popular, regularlyheld events. We do ensure that our learning spaces focus on developing 21st century skills & competencies to support the learning of core subjects.



Regular Tutorials

The College provides regular tutorials during college hours as an integral part of its formal teaching plan consisting of lectures, tutorials and practicals. Interactive, taskbased, and specific, our tutorial classes address the possible lack of full understanding and needed clarity of students in certain subjects or particular topic-areas. KIST tutors impart study & exam tips and also give revision follow-ups.

Competitive Preparation

KIST’s competitive preparation classes for medical, engineering and management entrance tests are held throughout the year. They prepare students during their yearlong studies for doing well simultaneously in Board exams and later in key entrance tests essential for their higher studies. Such thorough coaching also largely assists them to obtain scholarships after +2.

Academic & Personal

KIST academic counseling for students is based on their subject-wise performance. This counseling facilitates the acquisition of study skills and habits along with time management techniques that together help in eradicating their weak spots. Additionally, personal counseling at the College aims at maintaining the highest standards of conduct and discipline to prepare each student for an exemplary college life.

Additional Tutorials

KIST organizes extra tutorials on Saturdays, during the week, and over the vacations throughout the academic session. These intensive tutorial classes are arranged on the basis of an attending student’s academic level or proficiency, need, or request. We emphasize smallsized classes that provide individual care and precise guidance.

Refresher Classes

The College provides refresher classes after completing the main course. These inputs encapsulate a quick penetrating review of the entire course and provide a solid tutoring session for subsequent NEB Board Examinations. Such classes give KIST students a superb chance to consult subject teachers about hard topics or difficult questions and to clear their doubts.

Higher Studies & Careers

The College counselors advise students about choosing the right courses and suitable colleges or universities for higher studies. KIST counseling also extends to institutional search and applying for placements or scholarships. We suggest educational and career choices based on available opportunities globally carefully considering students’ preferences.


Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

We believe ECAs play a rather meaningful role in a student’s education and life. Curricular activities – mere studies – remain incomplete without vital extracurricular inputs since they help in the all-round development of students. KIST’s extracurricular activities are indeed a vibrant side of its campus life making its students fit in body, mind, and spirit. Different kinds of ECAs are conducted throughout the year at KIST so that the students can tap and display their talents. We actively encourage student participation in ECAs for other important reasons too. ECA records are carefully considered by admission officers in colleges or universities for student placements including scholarships & later by potential employers for job selection.

Co-Curricular Activities 

Co-curricular activities for you here are a required, and dynamic, bridge between your academic accomplishment and extracurricular activities. They boost social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-confidence & selfdiscipline. The intellectuality, personality, and academic worth of a scholar are shaped by them. CCAs here certainly enrich students’ lives by opening their minds, and developing their personalities and academic profiles through productive engagement and a balance approach to their lives. The College has varied co-curricular activities that galvanize our youngsters to do even better and stay ahead. Clearly, these activities lead to higher academic results & stronger relationships. Participants tend to lead healthier & more active lifestyles. They foster a sense of belonging to the institution resulting in a happy & cohesive community of learners who are doers well prepared for the outside world.

Seminars & Workshops

The College organizes frequent seminars and workshops to inform students about higher education and related careers. These occasions are about specific subject areas and have an interactive environment for students to learn from experts and orientate themselves.


We regularly publish magazines and newsletters containing thought-provoking articles by experts that help to professionalize our students and foster managerial skills. In particular, KIST Newsletter furthers our collective initiative towards innovative growth while KIST Outlook is all about the institutional ethos, actions, and changes.

Contests & Fairs

KIST organizes numerous contests to stimulate intellectual or artistic pursuits. These include art & craft shows, debates, elocution, quiz contests, and recitation. Notably, we also organize a popular annual Fair that has a Science, IT & Management Exhibition, with imaginative projects of students, and related Competitions. This inter-college event promotes a vitally-needed inter-disciplinary approach to knowledge and assists in innovation or discovery linked to societal and national needs.



KIST clubs delight and energize our hard-working students and provide them a full college experience through healthy psychological outlets. We have many stimulating clubs for the students’ diverse areas of interest like science and technology, management, or art and literature.

KIST Sci-&-Tech Club

Computer & IT Society

Sports Club

Creative & Performing Arts Society

Literary Club of KIST

Youth Red Cross Circle

KIST Alumni Association

KIST Social Service Club


Residential Life 

The College has efficiently managed hostels that are secure, decent, clean, and quiet places ideal for the educational journey of KIST boarders while they study here. There are separate hostels for boys and girls in different areas within a short walking distance from the College. They are scrupulously supervised while all efforts are made to provide a homely touch with a comfortable, pleasant ambience.


Social Work

KIST motivates its youngsters to serve society in as many ways as they possibly can. Many of our students volunteer for blood donation, public health awareness, sanitation programs, traffic safety and natural calamity relief.

Serving Others

Just as you’d like to do, our students happily take the initiative when any social work is required. In reality, KIST students are known for their deep and sincere commitment to meaningful & proven social work. The KIST community believes in serving society, especially the needy including disadvantaged school children. Since social responsibility is one of the main objectives of good education, we noticeably value social work. We forever motivate our more-thanwilling, compassionate students to be involved in diverse social activities including environmental protection or animal care during each academic year. The explicit purpose of our Social Club is: Inspire; be inspired!


Games & Sports

Competitive Spirit 

KIST is extremely keen on sports and games as they hugely impact the overall development of students. We need to remember that sports and games make you fit and strong, energetic and quick, alert and fast to take on the challenges of a world where both speed and accuracy of the body and mind go hand-in-hand. In importance, sports parallel education in life as physical fitness is extremely necessary for everyone, particularly youngsters. Healthy students can work hard and study well. You’d be delighted to know that some, or the other, sport-related activity is consequently a permanent fixture of the daily schedule of the College.


Research & Development

R & D Unit 

The KIST R & D Unit organizes valuable research and development activities for its students through training and special or pilot projects. This prepares them for higher studies as well as research and career pathways. The Unit gives KIST’s Bachelor’s & Master’s courses a distinct professional edge.


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