Message from Director

Dear Prospective Students & Parents / Guardians

We invite you to become a part of our great traditions! Join KIST, a top, student-centric college where academic success and personal growth is encouraged and fashioned in a very positive environment.

This trustworthy +2 college has earned a name for itself in the formal education sector of our country. Students often ace Board exams and also make significant contributions in extracurricular activities. Our graduates are popular everywhere. Further, KIST alumni are spread worldwide in reputed universities or doing prestigious jobs as competent professionals. We can assure you that you would be happy to be here, and step in the right direction for a successful future!

Ours is a culture of excellence promoting outstanding academic achievement. The College strives for continuous scholastic improvement by narrowing the gap between aims and attainments. Our well-managed and peaceful campus environment is most favourable to real learning and keeps our students fully focused on their studies.

KIST’s Merit Scholarships motivate students to perform wonderfully in the Term and Board Examinations while its talent-based & need-based scholarships sustain deserving students. Such life-changing support stimulates the overall academic milieu of the institution and nurtures higher overall achievement.

Looking forward to meeting you as KISTians!

Shiva Prasad Subedi

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