First Class Test (XI & XII)-2078

Publish Date : 2021 Oct 27 12:10 am

This is to inform all concerned that the First Class Test (Grade XI & XII) is commencing from Sunday, November 14, 2021 (Kartik 28, 2078). The exam schedule is given below:


Date Science Management
Sunday, Kartik 28 Chemistry-XI Economics-XI
14-Nov Physics-XII  Principles of Accounting-XII 
Monday, Kartik 29 English-XI  English-XI 
15-Nov Nepali-XII  Nepali-XII
Tuesday, Kartik 30 Mathematics-XI Social Studies and Life Skill Education/ Mathematics-XI
16-Nov Biology/C. Sc.-XII  English-XII 
Wednesday, Mangsir 01 Nepali-XI  Nepali-XI 
17-Nov Mathematics-XII  Social Studies and Life Skill Education/ Mathematics-XII 
Thursday, Mangsir 02 Biology/C. Sc.-XI HM / B. Studies / B. Mathematics/ C. Sc.- XI
18-Nov English-XII HM / B. Studies/ C. Sc.-XII
Friday, Mangsir 03 Physics-XI  Principles of Accounting-XI
19-Nov Chemistry-XII Economics-XII 
Sunday, Mangsir 05   Business Mathematics -XII


  • The Result of the First Class Test is on Friday, November 26, 2021 (Mangsir 10, 2078).

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