Online Annual Examination (Grade XI)

This is to inform all concerned that the Online Annual Examination (Grade XI) is commencing from SundayShrawan 17, 2078 (August 1, 2021).

The Exam Schedule is given below:


Timing: 07.00 AM - 10.00 AM



Sunday, Shrawan 17

August 01

Physics [Phy. 101]/ Accounting [Acc. 103]

Tuesday, Shrawan 19

August 03

Nepali [Nep. 001 ]

Thursday, Shrawan 21

August 05

Biology [Bio. 201]/ Computer Science [Com. 427]/ Hotel Management [Hom. 439]/ Business Studies [Bus. 215]

Friday, Shrawan 22

August 06

Economics [Eco. 303]

Sunday, Shrawan 24

August 08

Chemistry [Che. 301]/ Business Mathematics [Bmt. 405]

Tuesday, Shrawan 26

August 10

English [Eng. 003]

Thursday, Shrawan 28

August 12

Mathematics [Mat. 007]/ Social Studies & Life Skill Education [Sol. 005]



  • This Online Annual Examination is a part of internal evaluation.
  • The question will be in a subjective format as guided by NEB.           
  • Join 10 minutes ahead of scheduled exam time.
  • The Exam will be conducted in a supervised Zoom session. The question paper will be provided in the Fuse classroom.
  • We expect your support in our efforts to continue students’ learning in the current complex situation.
  • Consult your respective coordinator or concerned admin officer for technical and other support.

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