XI Practical Final Examination - 2078

Publish Date : 2021 Sep 21 12:09 am


This is to inform students of Grade XII (Science and Management) that the XI Practical Final Examination – 2078 is commencing from TuesdayAshwin 19, 2078 (October 05, 2021). So, the concerned students are requested to find the attachment for the complete routine.



  • Ashwin 12 – 13 (Sept 28 – 29) shall be treated as leave for Practical Board Examination for Science Students and Ashwin 17 – 18 (Oct 02 – 04) shall be treated as leave for Practical Board Examination for Management Students.
  • XII Science students must be present in college from Ashwin 14 – 18 (Sept 30 – 04) for the completion of remaining practical & revision of practical board examination according to the given schedule.
  • As per the guidelines of NEB, students must be present in practical examination on the scheduled time. No other alternatives will be arranged for absentees.
  • The Exam Entry Card is compulsory during the days of examination.
  • Students can collect the Exam Entry Card after clearing their outstanding dues.
  • Students themselves must bring all the required documents and necessary materials for the examination.
  • Students must wear face shield and masks during the examinations and must follow all safety measures as per the guidelines of Ministry of Health and Population.
  • In case of any queries, consult with your concerned department.





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