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Admission Open

BSc Microbiology

Admission Open

MSc Microbiology

Since 1995

Established in 1995, KIST is now a top +2 college in Nepal that offers high standard NEB + 2 Science & Management courses, a range of top quality Bachelor’s degrees – BBA, BIM, BIT, BBS & BSc Microbiology – followed by excellent Master’s degrees – MBS & MSc Microbiology

Why Study at KIST

Opening New Frontiers
An excellent institution with an innovative approach, we motivate students for their career objectives & life goals in today's globalized knowledge economy.
Cutting-Edge infrastructure
Well-situated in a serene and lush spot in central Kathmandu, KIST has purposeful academic buildings, ample amenities & a sizeable playground.
Recognizing Your Accomplishments
KIST scholarships foster academic excellence & exceptional personal performance giving you a distinct advantage in academics & future careers.
Pursuing Academic Excellence
Our dedicated faculty delivers excellent teaching-learning through latest methodologies including eLearning for you to gain top qualifications.
Utilizing Study Opportunities
Scholastic opportunities - tutorials, prep classes, academic counseling & personalized support - foster better learning and improve performance.
More Than Just Studying
Active engagement in what interests you promotes health & happiness leading to wider achievements valued by colleges & universities worldwide.
Your Future – Education & Careers
Our graduates get placements & scholarships in top institutions globally, and our alumni forever cherish the value of their educational sojourn at KIST.
Learning with the Best
Our outstanding student community gets great results & their performance keeps improving because of our qualitative education.
Utilizing Our Resources
Dynamic support services and first-rate facilities including transportation, cafeterias, accommodation & a digitized library help our students reach their full potential.


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Do you want to focus on skills not just grades or marks? If you like to solve real-world problems through awesome projects, then KIST’s perfect for you. They offer pragmatic options within the course, and teach different, exciting programming languages.

Roshan Shrestha
Associate Software Engineer – Leapfrog

KIST College provides a friendly atmosphere for the teaching and learning process. Its teachers are well experienced, considerate, and encouraging. The best thing that students find at KIST is the individualized nature of looking after each one which helps students to develop a positive attitude towards studies and improve their grades substantially. Its cutting-edge infrastructure is most laudable. So, I can confidently say that KIST is the best place to make you into top students and suggest you to join post-SEE.

Keshav Dhami
IOE Scholarship Holder

There are some temples of learning, where educators are like parents to us and where progress is striking. This college happens to be one. In my case, I got a mere B+ in SLC, moved up to an A in Grade XII, and finally cracked the BPKIHS entrance examination getting a prestigious scholarship: Honestly, all because of KIST. Success here is a tradition. Its environment is enchanting, benevolent, and positive. This institution is a real blessing to all aspiring students!

Sahil Niraula
BPKIHS Scholarship Holder

Joining KIST is embarking on a remarkable journey of lifelong learning. Ever encouraging purposeful study, the College is geared to lasting academic accomplishment. The real experience here is emphasis on fostering professional knowledge and skills and acquiring career-related education.

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