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An extremely reputed educational institution for over the two decades

Educating you since 1995!

Established in 1995, KIST is now a top +2 college in Nepal that offers high standard NEB + 2 Science & Management courses, a range of top quality Bachelor’s degrees – BBA, BIM, BIT, BBS & BSc Microbiology – followed by excellent Master’s degrees – MBS, MSc Microbiology & MIT.

Why Study Here

Opening New Frontiers

An excellent institution with an innovative approach, we motivate students for their career objectives & life goals in today's globalized knowledge economy.

Cutting-Edge infrastructure

Well-situated in a serene and lush spot in central Kathmandu, KIST has purposeful academic buildings, ample amenities & a sizeable playground.

Recognizing Your Accomplishments

KIST scholarships foster academic excellence & exceptional personal performance giving you a distinct advantage in academics & future careers.

Pursuing Academic Excellence

Our dedicated faculty delivers excellent teaching-learning through latest methodologies including eLearning for you to gain top qualifications.

Utilizing Study Opportunities

Scholastic opportunities - tutorials, prep classes, academic counseling & personalized support - foster better learning and improve performance.

More Than Just Studying

Active engagement in what interests you promotes health & happiness leading to wider achievements valued by colleges & universities worldwide.

Your Future – Education & Careers

Our graduates get placements & scholarships in top institutions globally, and our alumni forever cherish the value of their educational sojourn at KIST.

Learning with the Best

Our outstanding student community gets great results & their performance keeps improving because of our qualitative education.

Utilizing Our Resources

Dynamic support services and first-rate facilities including transportation, cafeterias, accommodation & a digitized library help our students reach their full potential.

What our students say


2022 Jan 05

BBA A Globally Recognized Management Degree


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a business administration bachelor's degree. Globally, the degree is awarded after four years of full-time study in one or more are...

2021 Jun 16

IoT: The Future is Now


In the present world, wherever we go we hear the term Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is one of the technologies which creates a buzz in groups of ever-emerging technologies. IoT is...

2021 Apr 29

Determining Stock Price - NEPSE

The role of the financial market is crucial in the mobilization of financial resources through financial intermediation. The financial market is a specialized market that is responsible for channel...

2021 Apr 29

Data Science and Machine Learning

Science is a systematic exploration of data. Data can be acquired in various ways such as using sensor devices, social media, customer records and other input devices. The main challenge of data sc...

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