• Sujan Sunar

    KIST’s a centre for tapping student talent . . . It offers a medical-cum-engineering-oriented teaching-learning environment. Lucky to do +2 Bio-Science here, I was totally prepared by the College to crack the Common Entrance Examination (CEE) with a full scholarship in my first attempt!


  • Amrit Shrestha

    A KISTian, I’m proud to say this is the finest college in the valley! Highly committed, knowledgeable faculty members with unique teaching-learning methodologies upgrade and supervise our academic performance. By choosing this college, I acquired a remarkable platform for furthering my educational and career objectives and life goals.

    BE, IOE Thapathali Campus

  • Basanta Bhusal

    Studying at KIST, post-SEE, is a great opportunity for sincere scholars. They award scholarships to deserving students, and provide the best possible learning environment. The well-managed College has the teaching expertise which played a crucial role in transforming me into a first-rate medical student.

    MBBS, BPKIHS Dharan

  • Nawadeep Singh Basnyat

    Personally, KIST with its careful guardianship and generous encouragement supported me like nothing else. Under its umbrella, I learned to become good if not great, and passionate about academics. Its lasting legacy is matchless – ideal location, fantastic faculty, modern furnishings, endless books, and latest equipment – reflecting institutional strength.

    MBBS, CMS Bharatpur

  • Manish Mudvari

    KIST gave me an encouraging environment for studying seriously, focusing on its superlative academics, and developing my personality. This College consistently motivates students to set high yet realistic goals in their lives.

    BE Mechanical, IOE Pulchowk Campus

  • Sujan Lamichhane

    My two-year stay at KIST proved to be splendid, and nostalgic . . . Clearly, surrounded by an efficacious learning atmosphere, I bloomed here under the guidance of sensitive yet practical teachers who stimulate our curiosity. Bliss and tranquillity describe this extraordinary institution’s approach to +2 instruction.

    Ag, AFU Rampur Campus

  • Sadmarg Thakur

    Every year lots of students pass the SEE and dream to get into reputed colleges. They believe that such institutions will nurture fine scholastic qualities in them and make them successful young people wherever they study or work. In addition, they wish to get opportunities of all sorts – co-curricular & extracurricular – normally available in the best colleges to enhance their life experience and develop their personalities. In the same way, I too had such dreams, hopes, and expectations which were, astonishingly, all fulfilled at KIST. Belonging from an average family, I’d always wanted to get a scholarship to relieve my parents’ financial burden and this wish too was fulfilled by the College. In fact, their scholarships are unique: Through manifold ways, they honour and encourage scholarship holders to achieve greater things!


  • Yagya Chapain

    KIST inspires students to achieve their dreams through its excellent approach to learning. If you are a success-seeker, trying to build a strong educational foundation, it offers the best college environment. Wholeheartedly, I’d thank the College for becoming the mainstay of my scholastic accomplishment.


  • Manoj Sapkota

    The College empowered me with commendable academic qualifications while playing an immense role in insightful self-discovery and strong character-building. Unforgettable, indeed, are irreplaceable memories, enlightening experiences, friendly interaction, and teachers’ encouragement throughout. KIST’s role is life-changing due to its solid support and career guidance.

    BE Civil, IOE Pulchowk Campus

  • Keshav Dhami

    KIST College provides a friendly atmosphere for the teaching and learning process. Its teachers are well experienced, considerate, and encouraging. The best thing that students find at KIST is the individualized nature of looking after each one which helps students to develop a positive attitude towards studies and improve their grades substantially. Its cutting-edge infrastructure is most laudable. So, I can confidently say that KIST is the best place to make you into top students and suggest you to join post-SEE.

    BE, IOE Pulchowk Campus

  • Oshan Kharel

    Completing the syllabus subject-matter with its associated practical work and using the best materials are key features of KIST. The College balances the curriculum and non-academics skillfully which makes students enjoy all college activities and derive full benefit from this intelligent fusion. Days here are wonderful and the gains stupendous!

    IOE Scholarship Holder

  • Sahil Niraula

    There are some temples of learning, where educators are like parents to us and where progress is striking. This college happens to be one. In my case, I got a mere B+ in SLC, moved up to an A in Grade XII, and finally cracked the BPKIHS entrance examination getting a prestigious scholarship: Honestly, all because of KIST. Success here is a tradition. Its environment is enchanting, benevolent, and positive. This institution is a real blessing to all aspiring students!

    MBBS, BPKIHS Dharan

  • Pratistha Baral

    Best in academics, KIST’s a blessing making me what I am. State-of-the-craft infrastructure with wide, spacious classrooms empowers this centre-of-the-city institution, and an abundance of teaching methodologies alongside industrial exposure trains students superbly. Besides, splendid cultural festivals and out-of–the-class activities are what makes us proud KISTians!

    Assistant Manager, Rastriya Banijya Bank

  • Roshan Shrestha

    Do you want to focus on skills not just grades or marks? If you like to solve real-world problems through awesome projects, then KIST’s perfect for you. They offer pragmatic options within the course, and teach different, exciting programming languages.

    Software Engineer, RiseKit USA

  • Jagina Shrestha

    Joining KIST is embarking on a remarkable journey of lifelong learning. Ever encouraging purposeful study, the College is geared to lasting academic accomplishment. The real experience here is emphasis on fostering professional knowledge and skills and acquiring career-related education.

    BBS TU Topper (2015)

  • Sushant Manandhar

    KIST strongly emphasizes pragmatically preparing students as qualified IT professionals. Responsive, expert teachers assist hugely in our acquiring knowledge & skills while encouraging the explorative understanding of technical ideas. Besides, CCAs and ECAs markedly improve interpersonal interaction.

    Associate Developer, DarshanTech, F1 Soft International

  • Prabesh Gyawali

    Why I like KIST and want others to study here is because of its unwavering commitment to quality education and its practical approach to learning. In particular, I was fascinated by the hard work of the College administrators and teachers towards making our thinking sharper and our studies more absorbing.

    IOE Scholarship Holder

  • Chiranjivi Neupane

    KIST’s an ideal educational institution for knowledge seekers. Here, amazing lecturers, top-class facilities, and a sound environment enable students to learn and shape their professional lives. The College helped me understand the value of knowledge and its importance in life. 

    Software Engineer, Central Nic PLC, Australia

  • Mohammad Faijan

    Welcome to KIST: a unique platform of enriching exposure and energizing experience! Education here has total relevance to real life. That's why KISTians do so well in every way. The College offers everything needed: academic support, computer labs, library & general facilities - all superb!   

    Senior Software Developer, Nobel Idea Solution, Batch Topper 2015

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